MJK college is a proud host to an array of courses offered under one roof. It provides a high quality and stimulating learning atmosphere that demands managing of a modern organization through an environment which helps you achieve your full potential during your time with us. Together, we have laid the foundation and built a structure that should serve as a successful landmark for years to come. Our aim is to allow every student flourish in to young entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

1. Graduate Courses:

  •     B.A. Economics Hons.
  •     B.A. English Hons.
  •     B.A. Hindi Hons.
  •     B.A. History Hons.
  •     B.A. Geography Hons.
  •     B.A. Poltical Science Hons.
  •     B.A. Sociology Hons.
  •     B.A. Psychology Hons.
  •     B.A. Home Science Hons.
  •     B.Sc. Botany Hons.
  •     B.Sc. Chemistry Hons.
  •     B.Sc. Physics Hons.
  •     B.Sc. Zoology Hons.
  •     B.Sc. Mathematics Hons.
  •     BCA (Computer Application)
  •     BBA (Management)

2. Post Graduate Courses:

  •    M.A. English
  •    M.A. Hindi
  •    M.A. Economics
  •    M.A. History
  •    M.A. Poltical Science
  •    M.A. Psychology
  •    M.Sc. Mathematics
  •    M.Sc. Botany
  •    M.Sc. Zoology
  •    M.Sc. Chemistry
  •    M.Sc. Physics

3. I.G.N.O.U. Courses also available

4. N.O.U courses also available.

5. Vocational courses also available.



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