The M.J.K.College offers  under one roof. It provides a high quality and stimulating learning atmosphere that demands managing of a modern organization through an environment which helps you achieve your full potential during your time with us. Together, we have laid the foundation and built a structure that should serve as a successful landmark for years to come. Our aim is to allow every student flourish in to young entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Department            Details:

  1. Philosophy  : Dr. Ramashray Paswan (Principal)
  2. Psychology : Dr. Prabha Pandey (Prof.)      Dr. V.S. Pandey (Reader)                                                                       Dr. R. B. Dubey (Reader)    Dr. Bhamati Pandey (Reader)
  3. English       : Sri S. K. Shukla (Reader)
  4. Hindi          : Dr. P. Bhakta (Reader)   Dr. Jyotsana Prasad (Reader)                                                                         Dr. Shail Kumari Verma (Lecturer)
  5. Sanskrit     : Sri Rajeev Kumar (Lecturer)
  6. Urdu         : Dr. Shamshul Haque (Reader)
  7. Economics : Sri B.K. Verma (Reader)    Dr. Gokhula Pd. Singh (Reader)                                                                   Dr. R. K. Choudhary (Prof.)    Sri N. K. Baitha (Lecturer)
  8. History       : Sri T. P. Kumar (Reader)
  9. Mathematics : Sri D.K. Patel (Reader)          Dr. Surendra Rai (Lecturer)                                                                    Dr. P. K. Chakraborti Lecturer)
  10. Physics       : Dr. V. K. Tiwari (Reader)    Dr. J. P. Pathak (Reader)                                                                         Dr. T. H. Ansari (Reader)
  11. Chemistry   : Dr. O. P. Gupta (Reader)
  12. Zoology      : Dr. D.S.B. Sharma (Reader)   Dr. Faiyaz Ahmad (Lecturer)

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